Full-spectrum development teams - frontend, backend, and beyond

Web development, a realm of intricate craftsmanship, is often bifurcated into frontend and backend development. While this distinction holds, it merely scratches the surface of the diverse specialisations developers can pursue within these domains. Let's dive into the nuanced subdomains within frontend and backend development and the unique skillsets they require.

A Symphony of Pixels: Front of the Frontend

The "Front of the Frontend" specialisation is the realm of UI Engineers, focusing on crafting visually captivating and intuitive user experiences. These developers possess an innate flair for design and excel at employing CSS and interactive JavaScript to breathe life into their artistic visions. Furthermore, they adeptly construct design systems that ensure a cohesive appearance across an entire website or application.

Data Weavers: Back of the Frontend

In contrast, the "Back of the Frontend" specialisation revolves around data acquisition. Developers in this sphere are proficient at querying data from servers, implementing caching to enhance performance, and working with APIs to obtain data. Their expertise extends to CORS, authentication, domain models, and business logic.

The Art of API Alchemy: Front of the Backend

As we venture into the backend, the "Front of the Backend" specialisation centres on curating seamless API developer experiences. These developers are adept at designing API endpoints, composing queries, and managing requests from the consuming party. Crucially, they must empathise with the developers using their APIs and ensure the API is intuitive and user-friendly.

Masters of Infrastructure: Back of the Backend

Lastly, the "Back of the Backend" specialisation dedicates its energy to the realm of infrastructure. The developers in this domain focus on optimising database and caching layers for performance and fine-tuning queries and operations. They also maintain responsibility for scaling infrastructure to accommodate increasing traffic and load.


While the specialisations outlined above are distinct, they are not mutually exclusive. Many developers boast skills spanning multiple areas. By honing their expertise in a specific facet of the stack, developers can emerge as authorities in that particular aspect of web development and deliver high-calibre work.

To sum up, frontend and backend development are multifaceted and interwoven areas of web development, each boasting its own set of specialisations. By recognising these various domains, developers can align their strengths and interests with a particular area of focus, ultimately delivering exceptional work that caters to their clients' or users' needs.

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