Studio JV—LA

This studio is built on advocacy for mental wellness.

Studio JV—LA works with projects and initiatives that benefit humanity. We are practitioners of authentic branding, the responsible application of technology, and people-centric leadership.

Our founding principles.

These are a healthy mix of Human-Centered Design principles, a dose of our own thinking and ideology, and an adoption of the principles set out by Dieter Rams.

  1. People-first, always.

    Whatever your objective, individual need should be placed front and center. They are not 'users', they are people. They have needs, wants, fears, and anxieties. Our products and ventures are a tool to help those people achieve their goal; in the most helpful, non-harmful, and intuitive way.

  2. Consequences, Consequences, Consequences.

    The products you make affect those who use them, from a local to global scale. Be sure that what you're creating is for the benefit of society at large, not just the client that is paying you.

  3. Great design comes from a deep understanding of behaviour.

    Only by understanding the needs of those whom you serve, can you build a great experience. We do this by understanding the underlying cognition and emotional drivers of the people you are addressing. This is how we build responsible technology. Our solutions should fit into people's lives and create meaningful value, not interfere and disrupt them from their everyday goals.

  4. Design is a vessel.

    “Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.” - The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
  5. Good design is honest.

    It never pertains to be something it is not. There is a negative emotional effect on the individual when they find out they have been 'duped'. By avoiding UX heuristics that are generally accepted but ignorant to those with special needs, we avoid creating harmful experiences.

  6. Sustainability is key.

    Rapid prototyping, disposable manufacturing ideology and subsequent overconsumption have created a myriad of societal imbalances. We are purely focused on working with organisations whose values are centered in:

    • Reducing disparity over time: Including, but not limited to, gender, wealth, social, mental.
    • The general welfare of those who their products/services affect.
    • The ecological and social footprint of those products/services in the world.
    • The moral implications of their product, and their duty in ensuring a better society for everyone.

In the studio right now:

  • A remote-first business operations platform based in Dallas, TX — giving freelance creatives access to affordable healthcare and enabling workplace flexibility and advocating for exceptional people to be a valued part of the business world.
  • Human-centric branding, workplace culture development, experience design, responsible business automation, and patient platform development for a forward-thinking psychiatry organisation based in Sweden.
  • Branding, fundraising materials, and experience design for a non-profit wellness retreat, located in the north-east of the UK.

Contact the studio.

Though we're primarily based in Sweden, we work with organisations across the world to deliver impactful experiences and products. Below are direct numbers for the countries we most commonly operate in, but you can also send us an email to if you'd prefer.